ICCS 2016 workshop – Environmental computing applications – state of the art

Held during the: ICCS conference Monday 6th June (workshop programme in more detail)

This ICCS 2016 workshop (6th June 2016) focuses on advances in environmental computing (using advanced environmental modelling techniques to analyse data sources with a goal of producing actionable knowledge).

The workshop talks range from case studies and presentations of new approaches to environmental computing systems to attempts to capture and structure the field, its actors, and the broader impact of the developments. The underlying themes related to opportunities and challenges related to multi-model and multi-data frameworks (including metadata approaches), scalability of the systems, and data and model semantics and visualisation.

The workshop builds on the foundations of the Environmental Computing Focus day that was arranged during the IEEE eScience 2015 conference (the presentations are linked on the Tuesday sessions of the conference agenda) as well as other environmental computing events.

Important dates:

  • Conference dates: 6th to 8th June 2016 (workshop will be on the 6th of June)


M. Heikkurinen, LMU
D. Kranzlmüller, LRZ

Programme committee:

Christoph Anthes, Lebniz Supercomputing Centre
Frank Seinstra, Netherlands eScience Center
Julio Serje, United Nations
Antti Pursula, CSC – IT Center for Science Ltd.
Horst Schwichtenberg, Fraunhofer SCAI
Marian Bubak, AGH Krakow PL and University of Amsterdam NL
Antonio Parodi, CIMA Research Foundation
David Abramson, Monash University

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