Environmental Computing

N.B. call for papers open for the ECA workshop (in conjunction with eScience 2016 – deadline 4th July 2016!)

Most of the activities today rely – directly or indirectly – on modelling complex environmental phenomena and their interactions. Analysis of the modelling results on the scale of individuals, societies and regions is often uncovering previously hidden dependencies between theses systems, which need to be taken into account in planning, executing and sustaining different activities.

We see environmental computing as an emerging specialty that focuses on discovering these dependencies and producing actionable knowledge by optimally combining different models and data sources. This requires in depth analysis of the various feedback loops in the systems, and – equally importantly – presenting these relationships in a way that can be readily used both in different decision making processes as well as a foundation for further, cross-disciplinary research activities. See the introductory page for concise list of links to further information!

We hope this website will serve as a hub for the emerging community to share experiences, tools, case studies and other knowledge related to this new discipline!

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